Our Stories

Friends Mai Kong and Maria created M-square Press on the dream of crafting inspired handmade stationery with designs that express their visions in a way that delights every customer. Given their first initials, Mai and Maria, M­­­­­2 led to M-square which became M-square Press. Mai Kong has 14 years of professional experience as a graphic designer in both large and small printing production and design firms. Maria Ha has 13 years of interior design experience in the architecture field. She is a LEED Accredited Professional, committed to be a green designer. Combining their passion and experience they joined together to create M- square Press, a maker of fine stationery. M-square Press is an online fine stationery boutique that creates one-of a kind treasures keep sakes and stationery to help people preserve memories on paper like wedding guest book, wedding photo album, and journals they even made wooden pen to match their custom book as a set.

M-square Press is a unique spin on the fine stationery and book binding industry. Hand crafted wooden products created with wood burning engraving, their products are created through hand sketch engraving which simulates human handwriting and this technique cannot be replicated by other artists or with computers. They offer personalized paper goods for people who love the tactile feel of paper and treasure the traditional handmade process of letterpress printing, book binding, and pen making. 

All of their products are handmade in their San Francisco studio. Most of their materials are made from wood, papers, waxed thread and burlap materials. They love the idea that they not only create beautiful things that they enjoy, they also create valuables for people. They believe with their great artisan skills and choice of sustainable materials they would stand out. Their mission is to design products with extreme attention to detail and craftsmanship. Their goal is for their customers to have a personal experience and relationship with each detail they create for them.

As they traveled to different parts of the world seeking inspiration, handcraft artists continue to amaze them with their high quality creations. One particular man in Florence, Paolo Carandino was their main influence of their work. They traveled to Florence back in 2006 and passed by his handmade stationery shop, they were so fascinated with what he had in his tiny shop that there just wasn’t enough time to fully give the attention it deserved. Images of his shop are constant reminders of what one’s craftsmanship and creativity can do to inspire the other side of the world.

Their products had featured in varies wedding blogs and San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper