Personalized Baby Gift from Austin Press October 27, 2016 07:00

Our friend, Kimberly Austin, invited us to join her SFmade pop up sale open studio on May 14th. After the pop up, Kim talked to us and told us that she wanted to give her close friends, Ben and Ivy, a special gift for their new born baby boy. So this is the personalized baby gift from Austin Press.

Ben and Ivy picked Kim's stationery original artwork a ship and "J" with daisy around it for their baby's photo album cover, which was a clever idea and a super nice and thoughtful gift from Kim.

Personalized Baby Gift
This is Kim's original artworkPersonalized Baby Gift
And this is the letter "J' with daisies wrapped around it.Personalized Baby Gift
Engraving Kim's artwork and "J" onto the front cover of the baby book
Personalized Baby GiftPersonalized Baby GiftPersonalized Baby Gift
The book was accompanied with a simple white bag
Personalized Baby Gift
The details of the ship engraved into wood.Personalized Baby GiftPersonalized Baby Gift
The front page with information to fill in like the Name, Length, Weight.. etc.
Personalized Baby Gift
The bottom of each page has two baby blue feet imprints.Personalized Baby GiftPersonalized Baby Gift
A closer look at the details on the "J"Personalized Baby Gift

This is the final product of the personalized baby gift from Austin Press