Moraine Lake Wedding Guestbook June 23, 2016 12:52

Moraine Lake Wedding Guestbook
Tammie contacted us to customize a wedding guest book for her son wedding around April. At first, she was thinking to get our oak tree wedding for Patrick and Melissa’s wedding. But later after reading our blog posts and saw many different guestbooks that we have done, then they decided to go with a little more personalized and complex artwork; The Moraine Lake wedding guestbook. Tammie sent us couple pictures of Moraine Lake, but her files were too small to work with, and we looked up other Moraine Lake images online, and we found this image that we could work with.

Moraine Lake Wedding Guestbook
We carefully constructed the outlines of the scene, then watch for soft and hard edges in the lines. Pay attention to the quality to the lines and shading patterns. Having the image on iPad is much better than printed on a paper for observing the image as guide.

Moraine Lake Wedding GuestbookMoraine Lake Wedding Guestbook
This is our version of the Maraine Lake on wood.Moraine Lake Wedding GuestbookMoraine Lake Wedding Guestbook
Open spine coptic binding with dark brown thread.

Moraine Lake Wedding Guestbook
Green handmade paper as lining page.

Moraine Lake Wedding GuestbookPersonalized letterpress printed their names and date on the first page.Moraine Lake Wedding Guestbook
We printed a row of pine trees at the bottom of first page to match the Maraine Lake's scene.Moraine Lake Wedding GuestbookMoraine Lake Wedding Guestbook
A personalized burlap bag for storage is nice details touch to the guestbook.