Brindle Cafe Memory Book September 29, 2016 08:17

What a real life romantic love story...

Having a first date at a Brindle cafe and now, a happy newly wed couple.

Their friend, Waseem, wanted to give a gift to her friends. So, she requested for us to make a memory book in a journal size for the newlywed couple, Monique and Mayank, to place in their pictures of old favorite memories and new ones to come.

So, we created a Brindle cafe memory Book just for them.
Brindle Cafe Memory Book
Monique and Mayank had their first date at Brindle Cafe, New York. So, we engraved Brindle's logo onto the front of the book.Brindle Cafe Memory Book
Here, you can see we also added a little coffee press and coffee cup, just to add to the overall theme.Brindle Cafe Memory Book
Waseem also requested that we have pressed flowers in the front page. We think that adds a pop of nice nature and color to the book.

Brindle Cafe Memory Book
Metal clasps to add a more rustic vibe.

Brindle Cafe Memory Book
A leather closure to compliment the rustic metal clasps.

Brindle Cafe Memory Book
The back of the coffee shop/brindle cafe memory book with a smooth wood finishing. The wood, metal and light brown leather really resembles the warm cozy feeling of being in a coffee shop.

Brindle Cafe Memory BookBrindle Cafe Memory Book
A simple white cloth bag with a nice detail of leather straps to match the ones on the book.Brindle Cafe Memory Book
Side by side, memory book and bag.

Brindle Cafe Memory Book
The front page with a floral embossing at the corner and at the bottom, their initials with a heart.Brindle Cafe Memory Book
Their names printed with "Our very first..." below it.

Brindle Cafe Memory Book
This is the final product of our brindle cafe memory book.