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inspiration book

This Inspiration of book was delivered in a brown package from ArtPower publishing yesterday, what a surprise to see  this "Inspiration of Book" finally arrived in our front door.  In fact it’s a complimentary gift from Art Power publishing. Back in 2012, we have been contacted by Art Power Publishing to feature one of wooden journal “Fu Lu Shou Xi” in one of their publication book. We were excited and honor to be featured in this beautiful inspiration book! This book was published in 2014, this book is a collection of different books from different world and different cultures. Each featuring in this book has their own unique design to connect people with different emotional level whether they ” make  you smile, laugh, think or may be inspires you.” It such an incredible and beautiful printed book.

Inspiration book

Our handmade journal  “Fu Lu Shou Xi cedar  journal”was chosen to be featured along with other designer’s work “Thought Not Words”.

The " Fu Lu Shou Xi" journal was an experiment for us, our goal for this project was to fuse eastern iconic design with western coptic binding. We only made one and sold this book to one of our client in Los Angeles.

Inspiration Book

Inspiration book

A brief introduction of our company at the back of the book.