Lego Theme Wedding Photo Album January 21, 2016 15:34

Lego theme wedding album
This lego theme wedding album was one of  our special project last year. This project took us for quite sometime to finish because we designed the page layout as well. Becki and Chris are located in UK, because the technology has made the world smaller and easy access even we are at the other side of the world of them. Becki found our work online and contacted us to customize a wedding photo album. She sent us their wedding photos via Dropbox. Usually wedding photographers or the wedding couples in charges of the story flow of the wedding photo album, since we were not there at the wedding and we had no clue of which photos are meaningful to Becki and Chris,  so we have them to categorize their photos in 3 different folders: Must have, Favorites and Nice to have, this way we know which photos are priority to them when we select photos for the album.

Lego theme wedding album
The first page of the album, we started with the sunshine falls on love portrait.

lego theme wedding albumlego theme wedding album

lego theme wedding album
The last page of the album, we ended with the same front cover lego wedding mini theme wedding album
The green lining paper to match their green wedding theme.

Coptic stitches binding to bound the pages together with the waxed green linen thread.

wooden spine binding
Bounded with wooden spine binding on top of coptic stitches, so the pages are not loose and waggle.

lego theme wedding album
We also attached an interlock lego heart as the closure of the album, Becky loves this

lego theme wedding album

lego theme wedding album
Hand-painted the wedding lego mini figures on the burlap just to match the lego wedding theme.


Shipping box with the sunshine falls on love portrait.Lego theme photo album

We have spent a lot of time in designing and making sure every little details of this lego theme wedding photo album were right in places and be ready to bring it to live to Becki and Chris.

When we received a thank you email from Becki we were just as happy as her. We appreciated her patient and trust in our work even it took us some time to design and made this album into tangible product and delivered to her safely in UK. 

Becki's email:

OMG !! It's amazing made me cry so much !! Thank you so much I can't thank you enough its so wonderful with all the little details ! Love the Lego heart lock its wonderful!!
Thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxx