Fujifilm X100T November 2, 2015 14:43

We've been using Nikon DSLR for most of our product photography all these years, but lately we want to get a lighter camera for travel also an addition camera for our product photography as well.  Fujifilm x100T seems to be the perfect fit for this need. Back then when photography still in film era, Fujifilm reputed with their fantastic color tones with their films, I really liked their Fujichrome Astia particularly for studio shoot. After all these years I  kept the Fujifilm 4x5 film boxes with my 4x5 films in it. I was delighted to learn Fujifilm X series cameras included their Fujifilm classic chrome filter feature in their cameras. I couldn't resist to  trade my Ricoh GXR for the Fujifilm X100T. With all the accessories for I bought for my  Ricoh GXR, the cost added up is about the same as Fujifilm X100T, but with Fujifilm X100T's quality built, retro look, and new technology. Fuji film is the winner!

We made a leather camera bag for it to match the retro look of the camera.

I didn't really like the original camera carry strap, so we made a leather strap to match the retro look.

Sometimes, it's convenient just to have a hand strap to carry the camera around, so we designed the camera strap can be easy detached to become a hand strap when i don't feel to carry my camera around  my neck.

These are the images we shot with different filters; velvet and classic chrome.