Personalized Wedding Guest book August 14, 2015 13:31

Back in February Susan contacted us through our Storenvy site for a personalized wedding guest book for her daughter-Rachael's wedding.  She found our work from our blog posts. Susan sent us a picture of Rachael and Rob. (picture above), and gave us a brief and details instructions of what she wanted. Susan seemed know our works pretty well, She told us one particular tree she likes we did for our client, and a particular portrait engraving guest book we did as well. Here are specific tree she likes from our previous post: Tree, and a portraits engraving.
We put together Susan's instruction of each elements like Tree, heart shape with initials and the cap on Rob needed to be emphasized and other details.
This is the final artwork we engraved on the Rachael & Rob weeding guest book cover.
We aim to bring values to our clients with our crafts, so we even went a step further to make a matching burlap bag for their guest book to complete the package. 
 Susan wanted every inside pages to be printed, which we don't offer the inside page printing service, so she ordered from other guest book company for the inside pages, however we wanted printed the first page for the guest book. It seemed incomplete if the front page isn't personalized. 
Susan sent us a sheet of the inside page so we could drill the holes to match the inside pages. This is the inside page sample provided by Susan.
This is a kind note from Susan after she received our package on June 25th
Good afternoon Mai
We received the guest book for Rachael and Rob today. It is by far Rachael's favorite item of all the wedding stuff I had bought for her. It is STUNNING!!!!  And the personal touches...from the outside wrap, the R initial on the twine, the burlap bag, the congrats. Everything is so perfect. I wish all of our vendors could have been like you!   Thank you so much. I wish I could give you a big hug. All the best to you!
Susan Frye