Summer Weekend at the Crater Lake August 10, 2015 11:27

Last weekend, we decided to pack up and took a weekend trip to the Crater Lake with Miso. This is the very first road trip for Miso. We rented an economy car for the trip which we don't recommend driving an economy car up to the mountain, because economy car like Kia Rio is very light and flimsy. We were little worried when we were driving up to the 8000 ft high mountain... oh well we learned from our experience. Rent a SUV instead of economy car for a mountain trip!!

Before we headed to the Crater lake, we stopped by a nice little town Ashland for a night. Oregon is a very pet friendly state, so we could easily find a pet friendly motel. We stayed at Timbers motel a night before we headed up to the Crater Lake. The owner of the motel; Jeff was very friendly, they gave us a visitor's map and gave us a brief introduction of Ashland. Picture above was our cozy breakfast time in Timber's motel room. They gave AAA member discount.

We walked around the downtown of Ashland in the first evening. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival was going on for the summer there in Ashland, we were lucky to be able to get a glimpse of their green show. Walked around the park and downtown, we could feel and soak into the artsy spirit of the town. We met a nice lady there with her dog at the park, she introduced us a nice fusion restaurant near by the creek (Sesame Restaurant) for dinner. We could listen to the water dripping sound from the river while we were having our dinner. We couldn't ask for was a perfect day at Ashland!

We walked the trail at the Litha Park the next morning to smell the green and wood. Miso noticed someone even left his/her book with a bookmark on the  bench, it looked like the person will be back to continue his/her reading there.
In the afternoon of the 2nd day, we took off from Ashland after our lunch and drove for 2 hours to the Diamond Lake. It was really nice and relaxing up on the Diamond Lake. The picture above was shot with Fujifilm X100T with Velvia Vivid filter on. Most of the pictures in this post were shot with my fujifilm x100T. I was quite impressed with the camera. I have been longing for a decent rangefinder camera...and Fujifilm X100T didn't disappoint me.

We stayed at the Diamond Lake resort for 2 days; the lodge wasn't a fancy place, no wifi in the room, their wifi was kind of slow in the main lobby. But that's the way to peace our minds and stayed out of touch and relaxed for the weekend. The atmosphere of the Diamond Lake was really nice and relaxing. The pictures above are the evening view of the Diamond Lake. We sat at the dock for hours to feel the breeze and see the sunset before our dinners. One nice thing is Miso allowed to sit with us for dinner at the Diamond Lake Restaurant's patio.

We drove to the Crater Lake the 3rd day morning, we expected something as nice as Diamond Lake but was not prepared for a scene of such wonder and stunning. The blue of the Crater Lake is so unreal, our months and eyes were wide opened for the first hour at the Crater Lake then we realized how small we are after we learned the facts and histories of the Crater Lake. The Crater Lake rests inside a camera formed approximately 7700 years ago when 12,000 foots tall (3600 meters) volcano collapsed following  a major eruption.The eruption may have been the largest in North America in the past 640,000 years.

Even more impressed when we learned the Crater Lake is the deepest lake in United States and the water of the lake is the cleanest large body of water in the world and it's all from rain and snow no stream or rivers.

We feel so grateful the Crater Lake isn't very far from us, it definitely worths the 9 hours drive from San Francisco to see the dramatic blue and the stunning view in person. Thank you Oregon!