Leather bag making class July 17, 2015 13:03

This summer we signed up a leather bag making class at Tandy leather. Our handmade lifestyle started 9 years ago when we traveled to Florence. I was lucky to see and got inspired by all the handcrafted arts there. Florence is a beautiful city, slow pace lifestyle. In my eyes every corners of the city were artsy and romantic. Everywhere I walked was surrounded by different kind of arts, every stores I went in were different kinds of specialty handmade stores. My trip to Florence changed my life and changed my way thinking of my lifestyle. Before MsquarePress, I was a print graphic designer, and later a packaging designer in a BBQ company. All of  products I worked with were mostly mass production. The trip in Florence, I got to see all the fine crafts and little details created by the different artisans which had changed my views on many aspects in my life. I started to value handmade products ever since. Although our handmade products are mainly wood and paper, but the inspirations were came from different fine leather artisans in Florence.

The image above was taken in a fine leather stationery store in Florence, this kind leather master allowed me to take a picture of him when he was working which I really appreciated.

This particular store were the one I admired the most; Mr. Paolo Carandini. We accidentally walked by his studio, his friend Anna greeted us with a warm smile and gave us a tour of his workshop and let us took some pictures of his products. We love his colorful leather goodies, especially these figures he put on his wall.

Later we even painted our own wall with his figures.

After Florence, I always longed to learn leather craft but couldn’t afford to take any leather class in Italy but lucky we found out Tandy leather at San Bruno offers leather craft class with very reasonable fees. 6 weeks ago, we saw they offers a leather bag making class, we got excited and signed up the class right away. Although the style of leather works are very different from Florence artisans but we get to learn the basic skills how to handle different tools for different projects and materials in Tandy leather class. Another  good thing is the store allows us to access their tools and necessary hardwares easily, and we can test the tools to see it fits our projects needs. Another benefit is Tandy leather offers promotions every month.

The image above is Maria, she was cutting a piece leather into strips on the floor for her blueprint holder project. She decided to make 2 holders , one for her friend birthday and one for 

The tool above she was using is the leather strip cutter, we both thought this is a genius invention. It’s a MUST HAVE tool for leather craft.

This is my project; box camera bag. I cut out all the pieces from Maria’s left over pieces.  My camera bag isn’t big, but I wanted big enough just to fit my Ricoh GXR with 50mm lens or my nikon D3300.

I used Tandy leather’s all in one color dye.

 I really like how the color turned out…like the rugged rustic feel to it. 

After a lot of hours of sewing, duh..duh my box camera bag finally alive, but my index fingers are very hurtful now from all the thread pulling.

Here is the glimpse of Maria’s blueprint holder… looks like Miso like it too.