Transparent LP Records Wedding Book July 10, 2015 22:20

This set of transparent vinyls are very rare and it’s the most beautiful vinyl records we’ve ever seen. Kailey found our recycled vinyl guest book on Etsy shop and contacted us to customize her a LP records wedding book. She told us she would find her own vinyls and sent it to us via our convo on Etsy. After a week or so, we received a package from Canada. I opened and saw 2 beautiful transparent LP records in my hands; one in green and one red. I was silent for at least 1 minute just to keep my eyes on these vinyls not sure how to describe in words at that moment.  The rest of the paper packaging is very well designed with nice graphic printing as well. It’s so beautiful to a point that we didn’t really want to turn it into a book. We even played it before we cut it, most music are soft and heartfelt type of music. You may find these records on Amazon. It has 5 stars reviews!

We didn’t want to waste the rest of the packaging materials, we also used the lyric page and careful measured and cut it overlaid underneath the cover.

We also cut the heart shapes out the left over vinyls as book marks of the wedding book.

Letterpress printed personalized info on the front page.

We couldn’t find the perfect graphic out of all other packaging materials to match the red vinyl side, we rather used a same red color paper overlaid under the red vinyl to keep the back cover clean.

The graphic design and printing of this LP packaging were nicely done, we thought it would be such a waste to cut off some of the graphic just to fit inside the book. The size of the wedding book is much smaller than the original album cover, so we had to think outside of the book and made a packaging for the wedding book in order to keep all the graphics in one piece.

This project took us quite a long time to complete, but so happy to hear what Kailey said to us~

Feedback from Kailey:

Wow! I am so so impressed with how lovely my guestbook turned out, it was even better than I could have hoped for. So many personal little touches and beautifully made. I will definitely be purchasing from you again, thank you so much!