Chicago Skyline Wedding Guestbook May 24, 2016 14:45

Chicago Skyline Wedding GuestbookChicago Skyline Wedding Guestbook
Cindy is the mother of the bride; Brit. She placed an Oak Tree wedding guestbook order through our site but it didn’t go through. She contacted us to see what went wrong with her order. Somehow our conversation had lead us to change the front cover artwork from Oak Tree design to a Chicago Skyline Guestbook. Cindy sent us couple of her drawings of what she had in mind. Her idea was to combine something from Georgia (Oak Tree with Spanish Moss where Brit and Ryan came from)  and a Chicago skyline as the background ( now where they live now). She also wanted to have a bear and a bird in front of the oak tree. Bear is represent Ryan and the Bird represents Brit. Cindy even sent us their engagement photos which in front of Chicago Skyline buildings so we have better visual understand for the couple.. Others may seen this front cover design little surreal but every elements have the stories and represent the couple.Chicago Skyline Wedding Guestbook
Bear is represents the groom; Ryan.The birdy is represents the bride; Brit. We had the birdy come toward to the bear like the gesture of giving the comfort to the groom.

Chicago Skyline Wedding GuestbookChicago Skyline Wedding Guestbook
Here is the close up of the oak tree with Chicago skyline background.
Chicago Skyline Wedding GuestbookChicago Skyline Wedding GuestbookChicago Skyline Wedding Guestbook
Open spine coptic binding with waxed dark brown thread.
Chicago Skyline Wedding Guestbook
Letterpress personalized their names and wedding date on the front page. Their monograms and Floral corner embossed to carry on the wedding details. Chicago Skyline Wedding GuestbookA personalized burlap bag and a letterpress notecard to bring the final touch to this Chicago Skyline Guestbook.